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Marlene MacCallum

WorkPrints Open Shutter


Open Shutter: Front Porch View, twilight to sunrise, 20:48-06:07, 04/22-23/2011. Moonrise track, photogravure on paper, 28.5 × 37.5 cm (image), 2011.


Open Shutter: Guest Room View, sunset to daybreak, 20:37-05:06, 05/17-18/2011. Full moon but overcast, photogravure on paper, 28 × 36 cm (image), 2011.


Open Shutter: Studio View, sunset to daybreak, 20:59-05:00, 05/23-24/2011. Homage à Niépce, photogravure on paper, 28.5 × 39 cm (image), 2011.

The Open Shutter series is my first foray into long exposures. Setting up my pinhole camera by a window, I make three separate photographs that record sunset, overnight and sunrise. These negatives are scanned and then combined through digital means to create an image that presents a quality of illumination that is not achievable through any other means.