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Marlene MacCallum

WorkPrints Resettling


Resettling: Dragging Home, photogravure on paper, 44 × 53 cm, 28 × 37 cm (image), 2011


Resettling: Floating Home, photogravure on paper, 43.5 × 54 cm, 28 × 37 cm (image), 2011


Resettling: Preserving Home, photogravure on paper, 44 × 54 cm, 28.5 × 38 cm (image), 2011

The Resettling series is my response to Resettlement and the specific individual act of moving homes to a new location. I photographed buildings that had been floated over Middle Arm from Brake’s Cove to Cox’s Cove on Newfoundland’s west coast Bay of Islands. I printed an image of each building, placed it within a bottle and then re-photographed this situation, layering each over a different ground.