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Marlene MacCallum

WorkExperimental Works Rosita


Rosita variation 1, digital inkjet print and four colour photogravure, 47.7 × 37.8 cm, 2008

In order to bring the image into a more personal realm, I started scanning a white-embroidered tablecloth that had been made by a relative, Tia Rosita. I had happened to bring in a small end table as well and in the process of doing the initial scans I became fascinated by the scans and the image of the objects as they were being scanned in a darkened room.


Rosita variation 2, digital inkjet print, 47.7 × 37.8 cm, 2008

In response, I brought in my medium format camera and began to photograph the process of scanning. This provided me with two visual records of the same situation.


Rosita variation 3, black and white photogravure and colour digital inkjet print, 47.7 × 37.8 cm, 2008

This led to the Rosita variations. In order to experience the impact of media on the images, I made a series wherein I created both a digital and photogravure version of each component.


Rosita variation 4, black and white and four-colour separation photogravures, 47.7 × 37.8 cm, 2008

I then made images with the four possible permutations of these components.