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Marlene MacCallum

WorkBook Works Send


Send, 2020. A double-sided archival digital pigment print on paper, folded and pamphlet bound in an envelope enclosure. Images, design, printing and binding by Marlene MacCallum, poem by Shani Mootoo. Dimension: 10 × 25.4 cm (closed) and 47.5 × 10 cm (expanded). Front view of closed piece.


Send, 2020. Back view of closed piece.


Send, 2020. First opening and unfolding.


Send, 2020. Fully open view of image.


Send, 2020. Fully open view of poem.


Send, 2020. View of inside of envelope.

Send is a correspondence piece; a conversation between my images and structural concept and Shani Mootoo’s poem “Send All Possible Answers – We Have Questions To Match”. Shani Mootoo, writer and artist, gave me the gift of this poem to use in a piece as I saw fit, and together we send this letter to the world.