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Marlene MacCallum

WorkExperimental Works Stacked Lens


Stacked Lenses – digital variation, digital inkjet print, 28.5 × 27.7 cm, 2009

The strong technological focus of our research led me to consider the tools of historical and contemporary technology as my image source. This image was generated by scanning two lenses, balanced on top of each other.


Stacked Lenses – photogravure variation, four-colour separation photogravure, 28.5 × 27.7 cm, 2009

In order to investigate how media-related decision-making influences outcome, I used the same image source to make three prints. Each provides a distinct translation, confirming that the image is not external to its form of presentation, but rather the media is instrumental in creating the meaning of the piece.


Stacked Lenses – screenprint variation, four-colour separation screenprint, 28.5 × 27.7 cm, 2009

Colour separation photogravure creates an amalgam of a historical photographic process and current digital technology, maintaining the specific qualities of ink on paper process while taking advantage of digital capabilities. We are using digital processes to generate the four-colour separations. We then output these files onto transparent inkjet media, instead of the traditional wet darkroom and lith film process.