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Marlene MacCallum

WorkExhibition Documentation The Unfolding Narrative


Cabinet One of the Unfolding Narrative. Top shelf: pink story: sinistral, middle and bottom shelves: Corner. Photo Credit: David Morrish


Cabinet Two of the Unfolding Narrative. To shelf: pink story: dextral (in collaboration with Barb Hunt), middle and bottom shelves: Tea Ceremonies (in collaboration with Matthew Hollett). Photo Credit: David Morrish


Cabinet Three of the Unfolding Narrative. Top shelf left: Glaze Interior (with contribution from Meagan Musseau) and right: Chicago Layers and Nine Elevated Views. Middle and bottom shelves: Wall Stories with text The Great Indoors by Jessica Grant. Photo Credit: David Morrish

The Unfolding Narrative featured six artist’s books and was on display from January 5 to February 11, 2017 at the Parrott Art Gallery in Belleville, Ontario. These works were presented in three cabinets. Multiple copies of the works were used in order to present the viewer with the ability to see the complete content of the works. Simultaneously with this exhibition, The Agglomeration Imperative (#1) by David Morrish and Grief Encounters by Mark Bartkiw were also on display. The three artists explore the creation of visual narrative and use unresolved or enigmatic situations to create psychological tension. The transformation of objects is a key element in each artist’s approach. Mark Bartkiw creates miniature scenarios that he then transforms into photographic prints. The situations portrayed are fraught with a tension that allude to film noir and popular culture. Marlene MacCallum documents the narrative of everyday events implied through residue of human activities. Domestic spaces and household objects imply the absent human. David Morrish constructs fictional personas that were instrumental in the accumulation, collection and provenance of artifacts that are then displayed in a museological manner. This installation is an evolution of his museological piece, The Lyric Cranium.