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Marlene MacCallum

WorkBook Works Obvert


Obvert, hand bound bookwork with accordion structure, photogravure and letterpress, 28.5 × 21 × 1 cm (closed) and 43 × 140 cm (expanded), 1997


Obvert, detail of image one, photogravure, and text page one, letterpress, 27 × 40 cm, 1997


Obvert, detail of images two and three (folded), photogravures, 27 × 40 cm, 1997


Obvert, detail of image three, unfolded, 42.5 × 20 cm, 1997


Obvert, detail of images three and four, photogravures, 27 × 40 cm, 1997


Obvert, detail of text page two, letterpress, and image five, photogravure, 27 × 40 cm, 1997

In this work, I am exploring how the ordinary can so easily become the extraordinary. Initially, the images and text describe a childhood memory of interior space inverting but then as one moves through the book and closer to the spaces, the shift between normal and odd occurs via representations of tactile sensations.