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Marlene MacCallum

WorkBook Works Rise


Rise, 2020. A double-sided unfolding of imagery and text by Marlene MacCallum and Deborah Root. Two-sided archival digital pigment print on paper, miura fold structure, hinged to covers and the closed piece is held within a slipcase enclosure. Dimensions: 13 × 9.3 × 1 cm (closed) and 48.3 × 63.3 cm (expanded). View of the slipcase enclosure.


Rise, 2020. View of slipcase and front cover of folded structure.


Rise, 2020. Detail of the first opening.


Rise, 2020. View of the fully expanded front side of the piece.


Rise, 2020. View of the fully expanded reverse side of the piece.


Rise, 2020. View of the folded piece with front and back covers opened.

Rise is a collaborative artwork by Marlene MacCallum and Deborah Root. This piece grew out of discussions about our shared fascination with the implications and meanings of the fold. The images and poem evolved through a call and response process, sharing them back and forth. The miura fold structure was selected early on for its structural strength and the way it allowed us to take a seemingly small object that expanded quite surprisingly to reveal a large field of imagery and poetry.